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Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl

October 7th, 2022

1:30 - 2:00 PM

As no stranger to the feel good music scene, Surfer Girl is the latest artist project from the former reggae-pop duo Aer frontman, Carter Reeves. After sharing the stage with the likes of Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome, Chance the Rapper and Mac Miller, Carter made the long overdue foray back into modern reggae music.

Surfer Girl is a genre bending, pop-leaning beach party, ready to get and keep you moving. Drawing from psychedelic dub influences such as King Tubby, to more mellow artists like Jack Johnson, Surfer Girl has a little sauce for everyone. While the music is completely self produced, and self written, Surfer Girl strives to deliver a sense of community with his music. It’s meant to share with your friends and family, while sipping mezcal or rolling a little bit of whatever you’ve got left at the bottom of the jar.

If you’ve never seen him perform live, prepare yourself for stage shattering energy, and an all around good time. Just like the legends of reggae music, Surfer Girl isn’t afraid of tackling some divisive, personal and introspective issues in his lyrics, with his main focus being to bring us all back together. “Let’s find some common ground, and let’s jam.”

Surfer Girl’s debut EP is due early 2021 via Ineffable Records, label arm of the company behind artists like Stick Figure, Collie Buddz, Trevor Hall, The Movement, and many more.

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